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The Start of a New School Year

Sacred Heart Cathedral School began is 113th school year this August. It’s a busy time. Classes are full, activities are plentiful, and each day brings surprises.


One special part of our school is the Morning Star program, which supports students with an assortment of special needs and considerations. To get a taste of all the excitement of the new year, I caught up with Ms. Julie Lippincott, our Morning Start Coordinator. Julie is a lover of all things New Orleans and is in her second year at the Cathedral School. Here’s what she has to share.

Ms. Lippincott, what has stood out to you from the students so far this year?

“So far this school year I have especially noticed the students’ love of learning. There's a difference between a student who is genuinely interested in learning the material and the student who only cares about what grade they will get. The passion and interest in class discussions make the academic experience better for themselves, their teachers, and their fellow peers.”


Ms. Lippincott, what parts of your job bring you joy?

“What brings me joy in teaching is knowing each of my students. Having a strong teacher-student relationship is so important to a successful year. This allows my students to have a sense of belonging and to feel comfortable around their peers. Being comfortable around their peers allows the students to be themselves and sometimes act silly during fun classroom activities!”

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