Couples wishing to participate in the Sacrament of Matrimony are asked to contact one of our priests six months in advance to begin preparing for the sacrament. After your meeting with the priest, please contact the Parish Coordinator, Shannon Payne at 438-3131 Ext. 12 to set a date. 

Fr. James Valenzuela     I     438-3131 x14

Fr. Michael Flynn     I     438-3131 x12

Aislyn Kate Photography

Aislyn Kate Photography

Aislyn Kate Photography

Aislyn Kate Photography

All Events

Our event coordinators are knowledgable in what makes a Cathedral event a success.   We require that all individuals renting our facilities utilize our events coordinators in the planning of the big day.

Debbie Zuchowski      I     850-346-0662

Cathedral Wedding Ceremony Costs

Cathedral     I     $1,000 (waived for parishioners)

Wedding Coordinator     I     $200

Cleaning     I     $100

Ave Maria Hall Rental

Hall     I     $1,000 ($500 for parishioners)  

Event Coordinator     I     $100

Cleaning for Hall     I     $300

Cleaning for Kitchen    I     $150

Off-Duty Police Officer     I     $135

A police officer is only required if alcohol is served.




The first step in the preparation for a funeral is to contact one of the priests at the Cathedral. They will schedule a date and time for the funeral or Memorial Mass, as well as meet with the family to plan the funeral arrangements. You may also contact Shannon Payne, our parish coordinator, at 438-3131 Ext. 10 who will guide you through the funeral arrangements.