Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

The Cathedral Way

Discover God, grow in faith & community, and share Him with others.


The Cathedral Way


God reaches out to us. He is reaching out to you.

We seek to be a people and a place where you can discover God, grow in community & faith, and be inspired to share Him with others.




Faith is a curious thing. It means to place belief in what cannot be seen. Doubts and questions are natural in the journey of life. There are many viewpoints to consider. There are so many ideas and voices to sift through. Yet the human condition, for all its misery, attests to meaning in life. And, there is even love in the world.


The most basic belief in God comes from all that is seen and felt. Existence itself demands to be explained. Beyond this, experiences and relationships draw us beyond the passive god of creation to questions of a personal and communicative God.

Jesus Christ

The story of Christianity begins with the Hebrew people, people who experienced God through a family-like relationship in the development of society.

Jesus Christ, a documented historical figure, lived and died among us. The power of his resurrection, living in works of his followers, has spread to us today. That is our story. That is the story of Church. That is the power of his Spirit.

An Everyday Faith

God wants to touch your life and capture your attention in little things everyday. He invites you to communicate with Him in prayer, in private moments and when we gather together. He’s not done acting or speaking. He wants to act in your life and speak in your heart - today.


Do you need a hand in exploring faith?

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